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Installation Available

That’s right, we can install the fencing too. We bring our experienced crew to weld and install the fence to your specifications. Just make sure to leave us plenty of time to schedule your install.

fence_adminInstallation Available
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Handcrafted in the USA

We twist every foot of Coastal Dune Fence by hand right here the good ol’ USA. And we make sure to source all of our Aluminum from local manufacturers and distributors.

fence_adminHandcrafted in the USA
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Durable/Maintenance Free

Coastal Dune Fence is built solid and meant to last. Although lightweight, it is able to withstand over 200lbs of lateral force. And unlike other fencing products, ours requires no maintenance and no upkeep. After years of being outside, the fencing will simply change its coloration for a more weathered look.

fence_adminDurable/Maintenance Free
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Environmentally Friendly

We consider our fence very “green”. After all, it’s made from recycled aluminum and/or responsibly harvested hardwoods with no need for protective coatings. This means no toxic VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from Paints, Stains, Preservatives, or Pressure Treating Chemicals.

fence_adminEnvironmentally Friendly
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Aesthetic Appeal

With its traditional look and artistry, Coastal Dune Fence adds a charming addition to any landscape. And its unlimited positional flexibility allows the fencing to gracefully traverse the natural contours of the environment.

fence_adminAesthetic Appeal
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Variety of Applications

Coastal Dune Fence can be used as a pool fence, perimeter/security fence, beach restoration and erosion control fence, and even as a snow dune fence.

fence_adminVariety of Applications
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